Is Your Current ERP Solution Holding Your Business Back?

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Having a clear picture of your business has never been more critical to success. In today’s highly competitive business climate, overlooking your current ERP solution is a barrier to your company’s efficiency and growth.

Is your business operating on a clear or foggy picture?

To evaluate your accounting and finance system, our SDN Consultants team created a BINGO sheet for you. If you get BINGO or cross off more than 3 bubbles, your company more likely struggles to see clearly.


Then, your business is operating on a foggy picture. Your current financial system might take days or even weeks to collect and process information, eliminating the transparency and real-time visibility your business needs to succeed. During the rapidly changing business environment, there’s no time to be saddled with inflexible systems that can’t adapt to change and growth or aren’t able to deliver timely information flows.

Fortunately, a cloud financial system avoids the long-term disruption and implementation risk of conventional on-premises software projects. It can be rolled out incrementally, replacing core financial functions in the first few months or weeks. Later on, new modules, reports, and connections to other systems can be added according to need and resource availability. As soon as the new system is in place, the finance team can begin to take advantage of the self-service and automation features to free up time while delivering more meaningful reporting to business colleagues. Further value can be delivered once more functions and connections are added, breaking through earlier barriers that prevented financials from contributing to day-to-day business operations.

Most importantly, a cloud financial system brings fresh agility to adapt to a connected, digital world in which change is the only reliable constant. It can deliver the capabilities, information, and insight that your business needs to face the future with confidence.

If you’re interested in having a clear picture of your business, contact our SDN Consultants team to discuss your next steps.

If you’d like to read more about moving to the cloud, download “7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials Now.”

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