Microsoft Dynamics GP


Powerful Financial Management Software

Tested. Proven. Reliable.

Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly Great Plains, is a powerful financial management software system with a smartly designed toolset of business intelligence, familiar collaboration and communication tools (Microsoft Office and Outlook integration). These tools provide increased control of daily operations with complete visibility into your overall organizational performance.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to meet the demands of growing companies at an affordable price.

Dynamics GP Helps to Overcome:

  • Current systems can no longer support business growth
  • Need to support growth without adding employees
  • Lack of audit controls and oversight
  • Missed sales and service opportunities
  • Stand alone business apps and productivity tools make it hard to connect and collaborate

Dynamics GP’s Capabilities:

  • Financial management and accounting
    Manage your operations from cash, assets, banking, and financial statement production
  • Inventory management and operations
    Track and manage your inventory, orders, and vendors
  • Sales & Purchasing
    Manage your sales order entry, invoicing, and purchasing
  • Business intelligence and reporting
    Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance decisions
  • Human resources and payroll
    Hire, train, and pay your team all with compliance

Dynamics GP Cloud Options:

  • Purchase the software (Bring your own license – BYOL) and then using a hosting provider so you can access the license from a secure data center
  • Subscribe to the Dynamics GP license for a set monthly fee with access to the software from a secure data center from a hosting provider


Dynamics GP software can be purchased and deployed at your business on your own server. It can be installed at each workstation or you can setup to connect to access remotely through Remote Desktop Services. With an on premise deployment, you maintain control of your data at all times and you are not dependent on an internet connection.

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